web development for managing content


Webzoa Internet Services is web development business of Vancouver web developer Scott Morgan and associates. Our goal is to enable customers to inexpensively self-manage their web content, whether it be text, events or multimedia, no matter how complex. We work closely during all stages of development to ensure conformity with the customer's vision.


Our main tool is the open-source content management system Drupal. The main benefits are:

  • the code is created and maintained by thousands of top web developers
  • the code has a wide range of capabilities that encompass all types of commonly built websites
  • Drupal is scalable and as such will not get in the way as a website grows in size and traffic.
  • Drupal is widely used, especially in the Vancouver area, meaning that the website will be serviceable by a large number of local developers, which minimizes the customer's risk in comparison to a custom built site
  • the Drupal community values sharing solutions and best practices

All of our servers run the Linux operating system for security, robustness and flexibility.

We can be contacted through the contact form, or by calling 604-839-7268.